Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Back To Basics: Link Is...

Links often act as footnotes, referring the reader to a definition or direct explanation of the thing being referred to. In this case, the word acting as the "carrier" for the link will directly correspond to the information to which it refers. [Christmas]

Sometimes the link, while retaining its common-sense relationship between signifier and signified, will assume a certain amount of basic knowledge on the subject, directing the reader to something that gives a more specific example of the word or topic it refers to. [Christmas]

Beyond these two most obvious scenarios the link will begin to reveal a world of nuance in tone and intention, blurring the line between objectivity and subjectivity. A link may be earnest, sarcastic, disgusted, resigned, snarky, annoyed, horrified. It depends on the bloggers ability to manipulate the arbitrariness of the lin[k]guistic sign.


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